What we look forward to in the cold winter season

When we enter the cold winter season it's time to cuddle up by the warmth from the wood burning stove. Maybe with a cup of coffee and good book. Read about wood burning stove owner's most common joys in the winter season here.

Author: Anne Sofie Torstensson
Update: 02. December 2021
Wood burning season


When you ask the owners of wood burning stoves what they look forward to in the winter season they have very similar answers.

For many, having a wood burning stove is part of a special lifestyle, that involves the coziness of gathering by the fire and drinking a nice cup of coffee, getting warmed up after coming home from a long, cold walk, and starring into the bright, warm flames on cold winter evenings.

This is what the owners of wood burning stoves enjoy most about having a wood burning stove at home.


Light and warmth in the winter darkness

For many, the wood burning stove is an essential part of the home – especially when the days get shorter and we enter the cold winter season, where we need the warmth and the light.

“I enjoy the lovely warmth from the wood burning stove on the cold, dark evenings. That’s nice”.
Henrik, Danish wood burning stove owner.

The warmth makes the whole body relax but there’s also something fascinating about the fire as contrast to the darkness outside the window. Maybe it’s the feeling of being in a small, safe cave, where the warm flames enclose us in a loving hug.

Fire have always played an important role for humans as a source to light and warmth but also as protection from predators and for cooking. You can read more about the role of fire in human evolution here.


Flickering flames give us serenity

Many people mention that there’s something quite special about getting comfy by the fire with a hot cup of coffee or tea and listen to the fire crackle and watch the flames dance behind the glass.

You see, there’s something especially calming about starring into the flickering, orange flames. Sus Corazon, who is a lecturer at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at Copenhagen University, explains, that our attention shifts when we stare into the flames. The concentration turns into dwelling. She calls it a pleasant “rest for the brain” (Danish source: https://videnskab.dk/krop-sundhed/hvorfor-er-det-saa-hyggeligt-ved-et-baal).

In the relation to this, studies show that those quiet moments by the wood burnings stove actually decreases the blood pressure and prevent stress.

This quiet moment by the fire is what Danish wood burning stove owner, Lene, looks forward to most when the winter season approaches.

“I look forward to resting on the couch with my wonderful husband, Jesper. In a quiet moment while we dream away and enjoy the beautiful flicker of the flames”.


And maybe this is exactly what characterize the lifestyle that comes with having a wood burning stove: The lovely break from the everyday life when you lounge in the armchair, get the body warmed up by the fire and enjoy the quietness. Some while reading a book or paper, crocheting, or playing a game.

Whatever we do while sitting in front of the wood burning stove, we get a sense of serenity.


The wood burning stove brings coziness

Most wood burning stove owners mention the “coziness”, when asked what they most look forward to in the winter season. Though “coziness” is hard to define, it is often associated with relaxation, good company, intimacy, and comfort. For some, coziness has more specific associations such as soft blankets, hot drinks, candles, and home-baked goods. All in all, things that go well with a nice moment by the wood burning stove.

Danish wood burning stove owner, Katrine, describes how their wood burning stove brings coziness in their home:

“When we get home every other Sunday after a long walk in the forest with the dog and the kids and we are wet and cold […] then it’s time for lunch, coffee, and hot cocoa while my husband lights a fire in the wood burning stove. That’s the essence of coziness for me”.


It’s not easy to pinpoint exactly why wood burning stoves brings that cozy feeling, but it seems to be the whole lifestyle that comes with owning a wood burning stove. The stove functions as a gathering point of the home for most wood burning stove owners. Both as a heat source and for spending cozy times together.

Wood burning stoves improve quality of life


A quiet moment in front of the flames can have a meditative effect and calm both body and mind. At the same time, the dream of real warmth, the beautiful flames, and cozy activities are essential, when people buy a wood burning stove.

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