Wood-burning stove in a newly built holiday home: Visiting “Stikkelsbærhytten”

Aduro has visited Camilla’s newly built family holiday home, located on the Danish west coast, to hear about the idea behind the building project and the family’s choice of wood-burning stove for the house. Welcome to “Stikkelsbærhytten”.

Author: Anne Sofie Torstensson
Update: 03. July 2023


A summer dream come true

The couple Camilla and Henrik had been looking for the right building site for their holiday home for quite a while. When they visited the area by Skaven Strand on the Danish west coast, they immediately fell in love. The area is quiet, close to the beach, and only a 40-minute drive from their permanent home and everyday-life with their two 12- and 13-year-old girls – and the family dog Frida.

“For many years, we have dreamt of a place to go to in the weekends and on vacations to just relax and spend time as a family. We love the quietness, the surrounding nature, and the sea that’s in walking distance from the house”, Camilla tells.

From afar, Stikkelsbærhytten looks similar to the other newly built holiday homes in the area, but as we take a tour around the house, we begin to notice the personal details. Behind the house we find a wooden terrace with a built-in outdoor shower – and with a door directly to the master bathroom. That’s clever. Inside, it’s clear that the rooms are planned for this exact family, and Camilla tells us, that the couple spend a lot of time sketching what the holiday home of their dreams should look like.

The first sod was cut in August 2022 and the goal was to finish in December 2022, so they were able to spend Christmas there. With many hours of hard work, they reached the goal, and the dream of their first family holiday home came true.

A haven for the entire family

As for most families, the everyday life is busy: ”Our days are filled with activities and what else goes with being a family. That is why it is so important for us to have Stikkelsbærhytten, where we can go to unwind”, Camilla says.

The house has space for everyone in the family. The girls have each their room, and Camilla and Henrik share a master bedroom with a private bathroom.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt, that the gathering point of this holiday home is the big living area in the center of the house, where there’s plenty of room to cook, doing puzzles on the large dining table, relaxing in the wicker chair with a book, or curl up on the couch in front of the television. Large windows fill the room with lovely daylight and offer a view of the terrace and garden.

Camilla calls the living area “the heart of the holiday home”, which is the exact feeling we have being there. And right in the middle of the room, the new wood-burning stove sparkles. The stove was installed as the very last element and completes the room. Here are pictures before and after the installation:

A wood-burning stove is a must-have in a holiday home

”For our part, a wood-burning stove is a must-have in a holiday home – it makes the cold and dark days so much cosier”, Camilla says. But when building air tight and energy efficient houses as Stikkelsbærhytten, it’s important to consider the type of wood-burning stove.

That is why the couple chose the wood-burning stove model Aduro 9 Air, where the air for the combustion is supplied from outside and directly into the stove: “The Aduro 9 Air model was just perfect for our holiday home. It’s a good fit for newly built houses, where the insulation is tighter”, Camilla says. But the couple also loved the stove’s design with the beautiful side glasses: “We love that there are side glasses, so we can enjoy the flames from all angles in the room”.

The stove fits perfectly to the decor

As with all other elements in their decor, the stove is carefully selected to go with Stikkelsbærhytten’s modern and minimalist decoration style. Warm natural colors are used both on walls, floors, and the kitchen elements, which creates a homely and calming atmosphere, and the design of the wood-burning stove and the live fire go well with the quiet color palette in the room. “The wood-burning stove fits perfectly into the living space. It creates a cosy atmosphere right where it’s placed, and becomes a part of the decor, as it’s simply beautiful to look at”, Camilla says in conclusion.

We can only agree. The wood-burning stove Aduro 9 Air goes beautifully in the newly built holiday home in Skaven Strand, by the Danish west coast. Our visit has come to an end, and we are glad to take with us an inspiring story about Camilla’s and Henrik’s dream of a holiday home that came true – and some great photos of the heart of the house where the wood-burning stove adorns.

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