Different Stove Materials and their Advantages

You might already know that all stoves are not made of the same material. Indeed, there are various practical stove materials that can be used when designing a wood burning stove. In the following you will find a summary of typical stove materials and their specific advantages, so you can find the best option for your home.

Author: Line Nederby
Published: 21. February 2017


SHEET IRON – The Modern

A lot of modern stoves today are made from sheet iron. Sheet iron has become a famous material in the stove production, because of its various design possibilities: It is now possible to design stoves with beautiful round shapes and a smooth surface. Additionally, sheet iron also has the practical advantage, that it heats up and cools down fast.


CAST IRON – The Traditional

Cast iron with its raw and rustic surface has always been a famous material in the production of wood burning stoves. It is extremely sturdy and never changes its form. Therefore, you will hardly experience problems with expanded material when you choose a cast iron stove. Even though cast iron might need a little longer to become warm, it has – like soapstone – a very good capability of saving heat. Comparable to sheet iron, cast iron allows for soft curves and fine detailing.


SOAPSTONE – The Heat Storage

Soapstone is not only a pretty stone and a good addition to every interior, it also offers a huge advantage: Soapstone is a natural product that absorbs heat and releases it gradually over time. Therefore, the heat will not simply disappear into the air, it is stored in the soapstone and released over a longer period. That way, you get a longer heating from your stove!


LIMESTONE – The Unique

Limestone is a natural product which gives your stove a personal note. There is no stone that looks exactly like the other. This boils down to the fact that – like marble – limestone can show of with very unique but at the same time discreet patterns. So, if you might want to have a little nature at home and strive for a unique wood burning stove – then you should choose limestone.

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