Calculate the payback period for your stove

Are you thinking about replacing your old wood burning stove with a new one? Calculate how quickly it will pay off if you get a new one. Wood burning stoves with an automatic control device can reduce your use of firewood with up to 40 %.

Author: Line Nederby
Update: 23. January 2024

Will it pay off for me to get a new wood burning stove?

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The payback period will be very long as the wood burning stove only will be marginally better than the old one
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It's worthwile to buy a new wood burning stove


penge-retur-ikonReduce your firewood usage with up to 40 % by buying a new wood burning stove. The technology and the design in newer wood burning stoves make it easier for the user to fire correctly and get an optimal combustion process. You’ll save money when you heat your home, and at the same time you’ll do the environment a favour.


Calculate your CO2 reduction


Did you know that you can reduce the CO2 emissions by having a wood-burning stove as a supplementary heat source to, for example, your oil-fired burner or electric heating? Calculate your CO2 reduction here.

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