Wood burning stove with convection or radiant heat?

Radiant heat stoves and convection stoves heat in different ways and have different functions. You can read about new technologies and automatic functions here.

Author: Line Nederby
Update: 23. January 2024


There are two kinds of wood burning stoves: radiant stoves and convection stoves. The distribution and intensity of the heat is not the same – that’s why you need to consider which type you need.

Convection heat

Convection stoves are the new generation of wood burning stoves where heated air is distributed evenly around the room. This happens through built-in air channels or an outer wall. Cold air is drawn in between the fire box walls and the outer wall, and the air is heated in the fire box and distributed into the living room.

Note: Keep in mind that radiant heat comes from the glass itself


  • Convection stoves distribute the heat by circulating air which gives an even and comfortable heat
  • The heat from convection stoves will spread to adjacent rooms and will heat several rooms at the same time.
  • Some convections stoves have a fan installed, which distributes the heat even faster.
  • The relatively low surface temperature makes the stove more childproof, and the stove can be placed closer to material that can burn. The manual for your wood burning stove will say how closely the wood burning stove can be placed to other things.
  • Many convection stoves have an automatic control device which ensures optimal combustion.

Radiant heat

Many generations will be familiar with the radiant stove, which emits a strong heat to the area around the stove. The further away from the stove you get, the colder it gets because the stove’s design only consists of one layer.

Because of the stove’s one layer design, it gets very hot after you’ve lit a fire, and neither you nor your children or furniture should get too close. You can buy a fireplace fence, so the children won’t get too near it.

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