Wood burning stoves improve quality of life

A quiet moment in front of the flames can have a meditative effect and calm both body and mind. At the same time, the dream of real warmth, the beautiful flames, and cozy activities are essential, when people buy a wood burning stove.

Author: Line Nederby
Update: 29. February 2024


A wood burning stove in the home improves your quality of life

A wood burning stove warms more than just the room it’s situated in. It warms the heart and gives rise to valuable relaxation, togetherness, thoughts and reflection. Time in front of the fire is good for both body and mind. 

The Rheingold Institute in Cologne has done a study of what it is that is so fascinating about wood burning stoves that people want to have a wood burning stove in their home. The results show that acquiring a wood burning stove is often not a decision made based on reason. It’s about feelings and the wood burning stove’s ability to add to the quality of life.

The flames have a meditative effect

Fire and heat have an alluring effect on people. That’s the way it’s always been. People have always used fire as a gathering point. Because you can sit closely and let your thoughts meander. A time in front of the fire can make worries and sad thoughts disappear.

When you sit in front of the stove and look into the flames, it has a meditative effect, and it is incredibly captivating to look at how the embers crackle and the colour of the firewood changes between dark and light. It has a calming effect on body and mind.

The wood burning stove creates a healthy contrast

A wood burning stove creates a room where people want to be together. It creates a unique atmosphere where people are together without having to say a word.

It’s a stark contrast to modern togetherness where technology often takes up a big chunk of time. Television, tablets and phones often cause us to be together but still apart, each using his own media device.

This way the wood burning stove improves the quality of life. It creates calm hours of togetherness, thoughts, conversations and real heat. It’s a deciding factor for wood burning stove owners and those who think of investing in one.

The psychological study was done in Cologne, San Francisco and Warsaw by market researcher Sabine Loch, who through long discussions with wood burning stove owners found out why people buy a wood burning stove. 

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