Wood burning stove and interior design

A wood burning stove can help turn your house into a home. Read about the big wood burning stove change in the home of Norwegian blogger Vibeke Olausssen Langørgen. She'll give advice on how to create a cosy and useful room where your wood burning stove matches your furnishing.

Author: Line Nederby
Published: 22. January 2016


A wood burning stove helps make your house a home. It provides real warmth and it is a good reason to spend time together because it creates a cosy atmosphere. Read about the big wood burning stove change in the home of Norwegian interior blogger Vibeke Olaussen Langørgen. She’ll give good advice on how to create a cosy and useful room around your wood burning stove which will match your style.

Vibeke Olaussen Langørgen has changed her wood burning stove corner so it matches her house’s Scandinavian and modern style – without compromising the cosy and personal feel.

How did you incorporate your wood burning stove into your living room? 

“Our wood burning stove corner has seen a big change after we replaced our old wood burning stove with a new Aduro 9 wood burning stove.

Before, the area around the wood burning stove was boring and didn’t really serve a purpose. I decided to have the brick wall behind the stove plastered and to build a niche for a stack of wood next to the wood burning stove. 

With little means, I created a cosy corner with a good chair, a small table and a reading lamp. This way, it turned into a corner of the living room that we can use. It’s lovely to sit next to the stove and enjoy a hot cup of tea, read a good book or just look at the flames.”

What was important to you when you chose a wood burning stove? 

“Primarily, it was important to me that I found a wood burning stove which would ensure that I had a great view of the flames and that the design of the wood burning stove was beautiful and clean. 

What I really liked about our Aduro 9 wood burning stove was that the pull out drawer was beneath the stove. It’s a good place to hide the things necessary to light a fire because they often look messy in plain sight.”

What difference does the wood burning stove make for you in your home? 

“The stove creates good and real warmth. We start using it during the last summer evenings and then all through winter. And the view of the flames creates cosiness and atmosphere in our home.”

What’s your best decorating tip?

“The most important thing is to let the wood burning stove become a piece of furniture in your living room and not just a functional thing in the home.”

Wood burning stove design


Designing wood burning stoves is more than just choosing shapes and colours. Designing, technical understanding and user involvement are also mixed into the process of creating a good wood burning stove.

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Wood burning stoves improve quality of life


A new study shows that the quality of life is improved for owners of wood burning stoves. Quiet time in front of the flames can have a meditative effect and can give calmness to both body and mind. At the same time, when people choose to buy a wood burning stove, a deciding factor is the dream of a beautiful view of the flames and real heat.

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The development of wood burning stove glass


Over the last few years a lot has happened within wood burning stove design. Especially the glass has seen a big development when it comes to design and expression. The bigger the glass, the bigger the view of the flames is. That makes huge demands on the production of wood burning stove glass because it must be able to withstand high temperatures and meet all functionality requirements.

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