A stove fan improves the air circulation

A stove fan ensures that the heat is dispersed evenly throughout the room and that the stove doesn't just heat up the air right around it.

Author: Line Nederby
Published: 14. March 2016


Why should I get a stove fan?

Stove fans are popular in the UK where many people install stoves in their old fireplaces. Some people feel that the old fireplace prevents the heat from being dispersed evenly throughout the room. The stove fan can help create a more even and comfortable temperature in the room.

You just place the stove fan on top of your stove and once it’s warm enough, the stove fan will circulate the hot air from the stove throughout the room.

Benefits of a stove fan:

  • Helps circulate warm air
  • Cost saving (you’ll use less firewood)
  • Better airflow
  • Increased comfort
  • Requires no power

How do they work?

Stove fans are heat powered. A stove fan base must make contact with a heat source (the wood burning stove) while the top of the stove fan is cold. When the heat source is warm enough, the blades of the fan start rotating as they pull in air.

The warm air is then dispersed throughout the room instead of it just rising vertically and heating up the ceiling.

This way, the output of your stove is increased. You’ll use less fuel because you won’t feel the need to add more wood to the fire as often as before.

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