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Calculate the payback period for your stove


Are you thinking about replacing your old wood burning stove with a new one? Calculate how quickly it will pay off if you get a new one. Wood burning stoves with an automatic control device can reduce your use of firewood with up to 40 %.

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How to light a fire correctly in your wood burning stove


It's important to light a fire in your wood burning stove correctly. This way you'll make the most of your firewood and you'll protect the environment as much as possible.

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Wood burning stoves are an eco-friendly source of heating


It won't pollute nature when you use your wood burning stove - as long as you fire correctly and always use dry firewood. Read more about why firing with firewood is carbon neutral.

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Knowledge about wood burning stoves

A major technological development has taken place in the wood burning stove industry in the past few years. This means that wood burning stoves have been improved vastly – both when it comes to the environmental impact and to the user experience. Today, 9 out of 10 wood burning stoves in Denmark carry the Nordic Ecolabel and meet the high environmental standards. The Nordic Ecolabel is your guarantee that the wood burning stove is amongst the most eco-friendly on the market.


The wood burning stove is the ideal supplement to your home’s primary heating. It’s renewable energy and you’ll have it close at hand if you keep some firewood nearby your house. New wood burning stoves make wood firing the cheapest way to heat your home – if you remember to use dry firewood with a moisture content below 18 % when you light the fire.

Dry firewood is crucial for efficient and eco-friendly combustion.