Make demands on your firewood

Firewood is not just firewood, and there can be a big difference when it comes to the quality. Therefore, it is important that you check your firewood before firing with it in the stove.

Author: Sophie Hartung
Published: 02. May 2022


Do you check the quality of your firewood?

Many buy their firewood as crates from the DIY retailer. While this may be a good solution, the prize and quality can vary a lot. The quality of your firewood has a big influence on how much enjoyment you get from your wood burning stove, which is why it is important to check the firewood both before and after you purchase it. Here’s what you need to check when choosing your firewood.

Check the calorific value of your firewood

It matters, which type of wood you choose to fire with. The wood species can determine how much heat you get for you money. As a rule, you should check the calorific value of the firewood before buying it. The heavier a wood species is, the higher calorific value it has. You thus get more heat out of the firewood by choosing a heavy wood species, but the price will most often be higher for the heavier wood types. Choose the right wood type.

Check the moisture level of the wood

Optimally, firewood should have a moisture level under 18 %.

Why? Because when firing with moist wood, you will not make the best use of the wood, and thus get a poorer combustion. In addition, by using moist firewood you will emit more particles which will have a negative impact on the environment.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to check for yourself, if the wood has the right moisture level. Here’s how.

Look for the “Ready-to-burn” certificate
If you buy your firewood from a DIY store you want to look for the “Ready-to-burn” label as shown below. For several years, DIY dealers used this term individually which had the impact, that customers could not depend on the dryness of the wood. This has now been regulated.

As of February 2021, the sale of wet firewood has been banned by DEFRA. To make it easier to buy dry firewood and thus fire environmentally friendly, DEFRA and Woodsure (UK’s woodfuel accreditation scheme) made an official certificate for “ready to burn” firewood, which tells that the firewood has a moisture level below 20 %.

Cord, cubic metre or by the kilo?


Firewood quantities can be measured by the cubic metre, spere, cord and more. No matter which measurement, there are some things you should be aware of before you buy firewood. Learn more about it here.

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Test: Dry firewood makes for complete combustion


When you light a fire in your wood burning stove, it is important that the firewood has the correct moisture content and that it has been split and cut into an appropriate size. Scientific tests show that this is significant if you want to get the most heat out of your wood and if you want complete combustion in your wood burning stove. Read about the test from TFZ here.

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Which type of wood should you choose for firewood?


You can use all types of wood in your wood burning stove, but before you choose which type to use, it's a good idea to think about what you want from the firewood and your wood burning stove. Is the wood burning stove the primary source of heating in your home or do you use it to create a nice and cosy atmosphere? This can influence which type of wood that will be optimal for you.

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