Wood burning stoves are an eco-friendly source of heating

It won't pollute nature when you use your wood burning stove - as long as you fire correctly and always use dry firewood. Read more about why firing with firewood is carbon neutral.

Author: Line Nederby
Published: 01. November 2015


Eco-friendly heating with your wood burning stove

 Did you know that it doesn’t hurt the environment if you fire with wood in your wood burning stove?

– when you fire with dry firewood and supply air the right way?

A wood burning stove is cosy, practical, economical and a beautiful piece of furniture in the living room. But a wood burning stove is more than that. When you fire correctly, you help protect the environment from unnecessary particle emissions. When you fire with wood, you harness nature’s own source of heating – the wood.

Burning wood is carbon neutral

Wood is the most eco-friendly raw material in nature – because it is carbon neutral.

What does that mean? 

It means that it almost doesn’t have any further carbon dioxide impact on the atmosphere when you fire correctly. Nature is rather cleverly set up. Wood absorbs just as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while the tree grows as it releases when it is burnt. That’s why it’s important that forest areas are conserved and that there continously is planted new trees.

But if it is a cycle – why does the climate come out as a winner?

The climate wins when you use firewood as your source of heating in the home because this way you don’t have any further impact on the climate by using carbon from the ground. Like when you fire with coal, oil or gas. You won’t release any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which isn’t already a part of the natural carbon dioxide cycle.

Almost carbon neutral?

Yes, almost. No energy sources are completely 100% carbon neutral. You do use fossil fuels like petrol when trees are logged and the wood is transported.

But remember…

You have to fire correctly and you do this by lighting a fire with dry firewood. Otherwise your eco-friendliness will disappear like smoke from a chimney. 

Read more about firing correctly here

Did you know that…

  • Every new wood burning stove will cut carbon dioxide emissions with 4 tonnes per year (Source: Danish Energy Agency).
  • Firing with wood reduces Denmark’s carbon dioxide emissions with 1.6 million tonnes per year. (Source: Danish Energy Agency 2007)
  • Firing with wood and wood pellets is the cheapest way to heat your home. For example, firing with wood is five times cheaper than electrical heating (Source: Danish Technological Institute)

How to light a fire correctly in your wood burning stove


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Wood burning stove with automatic control device


A wood burning stove with an automatic control device automatically regulates the air supply. That makes it easy for you to light a fire and obtain optimal and complete combustion. This way you will get the most out of the firewood, save money on heating your home and you're guaranteed eco-friendly combustion. Simply, easily and automatically.

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Eco-friendly combustion with correct air supply


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