Create a healthy indoor climate with your wood burning stove

A good indoor climate in your home is part of healthy living conditions for you and your family, and there’s a lot you can do to improve your indoor climate yourself. A modern wood burning stove can even contribute to a good indoor climate if you use your stove correctly.

Author: Sophie Hartung
Published: 07. March 2022


A modern wood burning stove benefits your indoor climate because it constantly replaces the air in the room. When firing, the wood burning stove uses the air from the room and sends the used air out through the chimney. Fresh air will then come through the natural leaks in the house. This constant replacement of air is e.g., beneficial for asthmatics. The wood burning stove also helps to keep the room warm and dry which prevents mold.

That said, it is important that you use your stove correctly for it to improve the indoor climate.

Here’s a couple of tips on how to use your stove correctly:

  • Make sure that there’s a steady draft in your chimney. This is crucial for optimal function of your stove. If the draft in your chimney isn’t strong enough, it can cause smoke in the room. Sometimes it’s necessary to buy a draft optimizer for your chimney, which improves the draft. You can read more about improving your chimney here.
  • Refill with wood logs at the right time: Wait until there’s only embers left in the combustion chamber.
  • Avoid opening the door when the fire is going well.
  • Make sure to use dry wood, since moist wood can lead to massive smoke formation.
  • Do not open the door, if your cooker hood is on. A cooker hood with strong draft can create a negative pressure around the wood burning stove, which can cause smoke nuisance and poor combustion.

In addition, here’s a few general household remedies to improve your indoor climate:

  • Since candles emit a lot of particles to the air, reducing your use of candles can be beneficial.
  • Airing your house several times a day creates a better indoor climate. Open doors and windows to create a draught, to air out the humidity which comes from cooking, showering etc.
  • Avoid drying you washed clothes indoor, since it releases a lot of humidity to the room.
  • Clean your house regularly to minimize the amount of dust particles.
  • If it’s hard to maintain a good indoor climate, you might consider installing a ventilation system.

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