Chopping wood and sports – a possible combination

At first sight these two things do not belong together but they can be combined so perfectly. Our idea to get your body ready for this summer: grab an axe and kick start your workout – without an expensive gym membership.

Author: Line Nederby
Update: 23. January 2024


According to a study of Harvard Medical School, dependent on age, height and weight, approximately 266 calories can be burned when chopping wood for half an hour.

When stacking wood for half an hour approximately 220 calories can be burned which makes this an interesting outdoor workout as well. As for chopping and stacking wood, all body parts are being used so these activities offer a great full body workout. Like in other sports the correct execution is extremely important. Keep the back straight when carrying wood, bend the knees slightly when chopping wood and remember to wear proper protective clothing.

Our conclusion is: even when you count yourself as a couch potato: make the most of this spring and grab your axe! An obvious advantage of this kind of workout is that you reach a certain goal in the end which will motivate you. When you can use your self-chopped and self-stacked wood you will know that the workout was worth something.

…if you would like to do this hobby in a more professional kind of way: have you ever heard of “Timbersports”? It is a competition for chopping wood – so start training now!


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