Think environment: Replace your wood burning stove

A rising awareness of the environment means less pollution as more and more people choose to replace their old wood burning stove with a new one.

Author: Line Nederby


Wood burning stoves then

Before rules and regulations entered the picture, wood burning stoves and open fireplaces caused half of the Danish particle and tar pollution. The other half was caused by traffic. Pollution from the burning of firewood was once so bad that on a calm day in a residential neighbourhood with many wood burning stoves, the air pollution would be the same as on a busy street in Copenhagen – in rush hour.

The extensive pollution was caused by lack of knowledge of good and sensible firing. A wood burning stove handled poorly will need more firewood and this way the particle emissions will increase.

You can still use your old wood burning stove and both be good to the environment and get a sustainable process. Read more about the best way to light a fire.

Wood burning stoves today

Thanks to product development and tightenings of regulations, a Danish wood burning stove today can only emit 4 grams of particles per kilo fired wood. This is an advantage for the user.

Your old wood burning stove might need replacement or you might be one of the many users who wants to own a wood burning stove. Today, technological developments and different innovative solutions have made it easy to fire in an eco-friendly way.

You can acutually just lean back and regulate your wood burning stove with your mobile phone.

Modern digital convenience means that you have technology such as the IHS technology as well as Aduro-tronic Automatic. Read more about the advantages of an automatic control device here.

By replacing your old wood burning stove with a new one you’ll save both money and firewood. A modern wood burning stove with the right certifications has been developed and designed to benefit the environment. It’s easy to handle and without difficulties you’ll get the most optimal heating.

Calculate the payback period for your stove


Are you thinking about replacing your old wood burning stove with a new one? Calculate how quickly it will pay off if you get a new one. Wood burning stoves with an automatic control device can reduce your use of firewood with up to 40 %.

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