The glass of the wood burning stove plays an important part

The glass of the wood burning stove plays an important role - for the stove, for combustion and for the security of your stove. You'll make the most of your money, and you'll achieve a cleaner combustion process and the opportunity to get close to the stove and enjoy the flames without risking getting hit by flying embers.

Author: Line Nederby
Published: 07. January 2016
Aduro Scott brændeovnsglas


The glass of the wood burning stove is important when it comes to achieving a clean combustion process and getting the most out of your firewood. Modern glass technology makes it easy to fire correctly and have a clean glass with a clear view of the flames. 

If you fire in an open fireplace, 60-85 % of the heat will disappear right up the chimney. In comparison, a good, closed wood burning stove with a glass panel will ensure that at least 75 % of the heat will heat the home.


In an open fireplace, it’s not possible to hinder or control the air supply which means that the burning of the firewood will be uncontrolled and that the heat will disappear up your chimney instead of being distributed out in your home where you can enjoy it.

As opposed to this, the air supply in a closed wood burning stove can be controlled by the air inlet controls which can be regulated manually or by the automatic control device. It’ll make for clean and constant combustion where you’ll make the most of your firewood and the room temperature will be much more comfortable.

What does that have to do with the glass? 

It’s through the glass that the majority of the heat is distributed to the surroundings which is why the windows often get sooty. But when you fire correctly and achieve optimal combustion, it can be avoided.

The glass will help you get cleaner combustion

The producers of modern glass ceramics have developed highly intelligent solutions when it comes to glass in wood burning stoves which reflects a lot of the heat back into the firebox. This way the temperature in the stove is higher and combustion is cleaner.

At the same time, the glass ensures that the room surrounding the stove is heated more slowly and more comfortably than it is when it’s an open fireplace. Most glass in modern wood burning stoves has been surface treated which helps the glass stay clean.

High quality wood burning stove glass provides security

One of the leading producers of wood burning stove glass is the company Schott which has more than 31 years of experience and have sold more than 75 millions. Schott produces glass with modern technology and surface treatment which means the glass can resist extreme heat (up to 1200 degrees) without cracking. At the same time, it matters greatly when it comes to security. You can get close to the stove and enjoy the view of the flames without the risk of flying embers and fire hazard.

Glass for wood burning stoves comes in all shapes and colours. You can read more about Schott here.

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