New Danish invention – wood and pellets finally together as one

Every third Dane say the stove of their dream should have programmable starting, so it is warm when they get home, i.e. when you get home from work or get up in the morning. That is the result of a new analysis from Megafon. The Danish wood burning stove manufacturer Aduro is introducing a new hybrid stove that does just that and a lot more.

Author: Line Nederby
Published: 27. August 2017


According to a new analysis from Megafon, 13 percent of Danes want a wood burning stove that can light up by itself. In the same analysis, every third person answers, that it would be nice if the stove can be remote controlled from a cell phone, to make it possible to turn it on from work, so it is warm when you arrive home from work. Another burning wish from 36 percent of the participants was for the possibility to control the temperature in the stove, so it, as an example, could be set to 22°C. Lastly, 32 percent wants a beautiful flame image.

The journey towards a hybrid stove started in 2015, when the CEO of Aduro, Christian Skovbo, one of the leading wood stove manufactures in Europe, decided to develop a new type of wood burning stove.

The wood burning stove of your dreams

“Our first move was to examine, what the consumers wanted from a new generation of wood stoves, and the result was clear. The consumers wanted an environmentally friendly wood burning stove, that could light up by itself and burn through the night. All while keeping the fire as center of attention,” Christian Skovbo tells.

But the customers were not the only ones with big ambitions. Together with the company NBE, Aduro developed a hybrid between the classic wood burning stove and the pellet stove – a hybrid stove.

Ignites by itself

Christian Skovbo did not only set out with the goal of combining the two worlds of heating. He also wanted to make it easier for the ones struggling with lighting up a traditional wood burning stove. Therefore, the hybrid stove can ignite by itself – without the use of firelighters or matches. The hybrid stove lights up using wood pellets, and gives you the possibility of changing to regular firewood when you want to. It also comes with built in Wi-Fi, giving it the possibility of connecting to an existing wireless network.

“I decided to crack the code with regards to making it possible to turn on the stove or adjust the temperature without being at home. The new Aduro H1 can be remote controlled on the phone through and app, so you will never have to come home to a cold house,” Christian Skovbo says.

Environmentally friendly innovation

Aduro H1 features two patents, due to its innovative features – both on the Danish and the International market. There are no comparable hybrid stoves at the market.

“A lot of people wants their living room to be warm when they get up the next morning. Therefore, they stuff their stove full of firewood and turn down the air when going to bed. This results in a bad combustion with a lot of pollution to follow. In fact, it pollutes 20 times as much as our new stove does, when it burns through the night,” Christian Skovbo explains.

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